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Dead man Tell No Tales

Tell us your secrets me hearties...

Dead Men Tell No Tales
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Our Mission:

We are a refuge to all of those thoughts you're afraid to share with your fellow Pirates fans. Do you love Norrington in his wig? Do you want to bitchslap Will? Do you like Elizabeth better as a guy? Do you think you've fallen in love with Barbossa? Do you have nowhere to go and no one to confess these secrets to? That's where we come in. Savvy?

The How-To's:

1) To share your secrets, you must make a graphic. We're not looking for perfection, and this is definitely not a contest for the best graphic, so don't feel the need to slave over your secret.
2) Every Friday there will be a themed submissions post, and that will be where you can comment with your secrets. Simply comment with the link to your secret.
3) Please make your comment anonynmous so no one will know who made the secret. All comments will be screened.


1) All secrets must be related to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
2) For your secrets, use pictures from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies ONLY unless we have a specific non-Pirates related challenge for the week.
3) Please keep all secrets below 800x600 pixels. This is in consideration for the dial-up users.
4) Opinions on all secrets are welcome. But please, for the love of God, do it in a polite way. We'd like to try and avoid the notorious cyber-catfight. Believe it or not, there is a difference between being honest and being nasty. Finesse is an artform, and while contructive criticism is okay, blatant rudeness disguised as "honesty" is not.
5) PROMOTE! If you like what you see...spread the word!
6) And finally, the Mods reserve the right to be ruthless bitches in maintaining the integrity of this community. This consists of the following: rejecting entries and deleting comments if we find anything too rude, disgusting (moreso than the tolerable, and often encouraged, lewdness), or disrespectful. For the record, this rule was created for the REAL PEOPLE who play the characters we know and love. You may create secrets about Johnny, Orlando, Keira, and the rest of the cast...but please, have a bit of class, hmm?

Note: We do not own anything even remotely affiliated with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies/franchise. Please don't sue. Thank you.


If you'd like to affiliate with us, just leave a comment in my personal journal or email me at basementgirl74 at yahoo dot com.

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